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Plant Supports for Vegetables

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      See also: Tomato Cages and Helpers  
Vegetable Ladders, Set of 3 icon   Vegetable Ladders, Set of 3 icon

Heavy-Duty Ladders for Eggplants, Peppers and More!

Some gardeners think they don't need plant supports for squash, peppers and eggplants, but that can be a missed opportunity!

Just like tomatoes, these shorter plants produce a better harvest when they stand tall on vegetable ladders.

They're a shorter version of our Tomato Ladders, with the same "vine cradle" design and rugged construction.

•  Fruit is less prone to rot and disease and ripens more evenly
• Tall-standing fruits make for easy picking
• Plants take up less space in the garden
• Sold in sets of 3

• Heavy-duty steel with powder-epoxy coating
• 33" H overall, including 10" legs
• Patented
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Wire Cucumber Trellisicon   Wire Cucumber Trellis icon

Misshapen, yellowed cucumbers will be a thing of the past when you use this space-saving trellis to support plants in your garden.

The sturdy, powder-coated steel frame supports heavy loads and has big 4" grids for easy harvesting.

Lean-to design gives you room to sow salad greens under the trellis for an extra crop before your cukes mature.

• Trellising cucumbers gives better quality fruit, easier harvesting, and avoids soil-borne diseases
• Unique design makes the most of limited garden space
• Cucumber vines create shade for lettuce below
• Also ideal for melons and vining squash

• Powder-coated steel
• 48" square
• Easy assembly
• Folds flat for off-season storage
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Bean Towericon   Bean Towericon

Grow bushels of beans with our tallest, strongest and sturdiest bean tower yet.

The secret is thicker supports coupled with 10" legs that hold the structure securely in the ground.

The bean tower in our test garden yielded 2,400 beans between mid-July and late September -- in just 1-1/2 square feet!

• Supports are 5 mm thick with 3.5 mm crosspieces
• 10" legs provide sturdy support
• Folds flat for storage at the end of the season
• Secure in extreme weather with our Extra Tall Earth Staples (sold separately)

• Easy assembly
• Made of galvanized steel wire
• 14-1/4" square x 75" H overall (65" H installed)
• Openings are 7-1/2" square to allow easy harvesting
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Review from Nature of New England:
These bean towers are our favorite supports for those tall indeterminate tomato plants. We start trimming the plants when they get just above the tops of these towers. In the past, it was hard to find tomato supports that were tall enough for us. These do the job!

Expandable Pea Fence, 8 Panelicon   Expandable Pea Fence, 8 Panelicon

Increase your growing space – vertically!

This expandable fence supports peas, cucumbers, tomatoes and other climbing plants while it keeps valuable fruit off the ground and away from pests and rot.

The eight panels are joined with coil hinges, so you can form square cages, zig-zag fences, or whatever fits your needs.

• The big 8" squares make picking easy
• Built to be tall and sturdy
• Extend by linking panels together

• All panels linked together are 9' 4" L x 3' 11" H overall (3' H installed)
• 10-gauge galvanized steel wire
• Folds flat for storage
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Expandable Willow Trellises icon   Expandable Willow Trellises icon

Natural Willow Plant Supports with Sculptural Appeal

You'll appreciate the versatility of these natural willow trellises in the garden.

These plant supports expand and contract like an accordion, so they can be set up as squat or as tall as you like.

The peeled willow and diamond shaped openings make these teepees a graceful, natural accent.

• Use them to support flowering vines, peas and beans
• Attractive, natural look in the garden
• Works with burlap for winter shrub protection, too
• Choice of 3 sizes

• Made of natural peeled willow
• Over time, willow will turn silver-gray
• Small is maximum 47" H x 23" diameter
• Medium is maximum 57" H x 35" diameter
• Large is maximum 70" H x 36" diameter

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Rainbow Spiral Supportsicon   Rainbow Spiral Supports, Set of 5icon

Our five-foot tall rainbow spirals provide sturdy support for your plants as they grow. Simply push them into the ground at the base of a tomato plant or flowering vine.

The smooth steel arcs support at every turn. Excellent space-savers, as they encourage vertical growth while ensuring good light exposure and easy picking. Set of five supports in five fun colors.

• Sturdy support for tomatoes or flowering vines - with training and pruning, your plants will require little additional support
• Unique spiral shape supports plants at every turn
• Allows good light exposure and easy picking
• Adds bright color before plants grow
• Great for creating bean or morning glory teepees!
• Set of 5: One of each yellow, green, red, orange and blue

• Made of rust-resistant powder-coated steel
• 72" H overall, 60" H installed
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Veggie Cages, Set of 3icon   Veggie Cages, Set of 3 icon

Bushy plants like peppers and eggplants produce a better harvest when their fruit doesn't touch the ground.

Our zinc-plated steel veggie cages support plants on all sides without tying. Simply push legs into the ground.

Fold flat for storage when the season's over.

• Vegetable supports produce healthier plants and better harvests
• Set of 3 cages

• Rust-resistant zinc-plated steel
• 11" square x 24" H installed
• Cages fold flat for off-season storage
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Faux Bambooicon   Faux Bamboo, Set of 12icon

For a permanent structure like a fence, arbor or trellis, you need a material that will retain its strength and good looks over time.

This faux bamboo is an excellent choice. Made of plastic-coated steel, it is rot and mildew resistant, and will always maintain its original honey color.

• Strong, long-lasting plastic-coated steel
• Ideal for fences, arbors or trellises
• Resists rot and mildew
• Maintains color and good looks over time
• Connect faux bamboo with our Swivel Connectors (sold separately)

• Set of 12 poles
• Poles measure approx. 3/4" diameter 59" H
• Made of plastic-coated steel
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Foam Twist Tie icon   Foam Twist Tie icon

These soft, spongy foam ties gently hold your tomatoes and other plants to support stakes without injuring stems.

Inside is a wire core that holds with just a twist; no need to tie.

• Gentle on plants
• Reuse year after year
• Soft enough for vines and vegetables
• Tough enough for trees and woody plants
• Great value — over 30 feet!

• Flexible rubber compound with a galvanized steel wire core
• 1/4" in diameter x 32-1/2' L
• Cut with wire cutters, not pruners

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