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Photos and information about New England birds.



  Birds by Order/Family       
Bitterns Gnatcatcher Merlin Sora
Blackbirds Goldfinch Mockingbird Sparrows
Bluebird Goldeneyes Moorhen Starling
Bobolink Geese Nighthawk Swallows
Bobwhite Grackle Nuthatches Swan
Bufflehead Grebe Orioles Swift
Buntings Grosbeaks Osprey Tanager
Canvasback Grouse Ovenbird Teals
Cardinal Gulls Owls Terns
Catbird Harrier Partridge Thrasher
Chat Hawks Parula Thrushes
Chickadees Herons Pheasant Titmouse
Coot Hummingbird Phoebe Towhee
Cormorant Ibis Pintail Turkey
Cowbird Jays Pipit Veery
Creeper Junco Plover Vireos
Crossbills Kestrel Rails Vulture
Crows Killdeer Raven Warblers
Cuckoos Kingbird Redpolls Waterthrushes
Doves Kingfisher Redstart Waxwings
Ducks Kinglets Robin Whip-poor-will
Eagles Lark Sanderling Wigeon
Egrets Longspur Sandpipers Willet
Falcon Loon Sapsucker Wood-Pewee
Finches Mallard Shoveler Woodcock
Flicker Martin Shrikes Woodpeckers
Flycatchers Meadowlark Siskin Wrens
Gadwall Mergansers Snipe Yellowthroat
Over 300 species of birds either breed, are resident, migrate through, or winter in New England.  This includes both inland birds and coastal birds. Some of these birds have a small New England range (for example, the Acadian Flycatcher) and other birds are found throughout the region.

The above list does not include all 300+ birds. Over time, we will continue adding birds until our list of New England birds is finally complete.
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New England:
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Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
Rhode Island, Vermont