(Charadrius vociferus)

Killdeer Information

Length: 9 - 11"

Habitat: Open habitat with some short grass - such as pastures, meadows, plowed fields, golf courses, lawns; shorelines, mudflats, coastal estuaries.

: Mostly insects such as grasshoppers, beetles, and caterpillars; spiders, earthworms, centipedes, crayfish, some weed seeds.
Killdeer ID TipsIdentification tips for the Killdeer
Calls of the Killdeer 
Range Maps:
Killdeer Breeding Map Killdeer Winter Map      USGS
Breeding Map          Winter Map (CBC)      
Additional Information:

Photos, physical description, range, habitat, diet, life cycle, behavior, and sounds. (From NatureWorks)



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