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Hermit Thrush
(Catharus guttatus)


Hermit Thrush Information

Length: 6.5 - 7.5 "
Habitat: Nests in dense coniferous or mixed woodlands and their edges; edges of interior forest clearings such as ponds, logging roads, and utility

Hermit Thrush
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Diet: During breeding season: insects and
their larvae; spiders; other invertebrates, including earthworms and snails; small salamanders. In fall and winter: fruits and berries.
Hermit Thrush ID TipsIdentification tips
for the Hermit Thrush
Range Maps:
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Hermit Thrush Breeding Map Hermit Thrush Winter Map      USGS
Breeding Map           Winter Map (CBC)      
Additional Information:
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Photo of Hermit Thrush, range map, description, sound file, habitat, food, behavior, reproduction, and conservation status.



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