Eastern Wood-Pewee
(Contopus virens)

Eastern Wood-Pewee
Photo © Mike Danzenbaker
Eastern Wood-Pewee Information

6 - 6.5 inches

Breeding Habitat:
 Generally deciduous woodlands, but also mixed forests and coniferous forests. Prefers forest edges and clearings. Also found in orchards, in parks, and along roadsides.

Diet:  Mainly small flying insects such as wasps, winged ants, bees, and moths. Also some spiders and berries.
Identification Tips for Eastern Wood-Pewee
Songs and calls of Eastern Wood-Pewee

Additional photos and information:

Eastern Wood-Pewee
Describes similar species, habitat, migration, breeding and conservation status. Includes photo and song. (From Wikipedia)

Range Map:
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         E. Wood-Pewee Breeding Map USGS                                 
  Breeding Map    



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