White-throated Sparrow
Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Large sparrow
- Dark conical bill
- Long slightly forked tail
- Pink legs

- Bold black and white (or tan) head stripes
- Yellow lores
- White throat contrasting with gray breast and cheeks
- Brown back with dark streaks
- Brown wings with two white wingbars
- Whitish belly

Basic and Juvenile
- Similar to alternate but duller
- Blurry streaks on breast and flanks
- Stripes on head tan and brown
- Indistinct yellow lores

Similar species
In spring, the bold head stripes and yellow lores are diagnostic. In fall, these features may be less noticeable.

The contrasting white throat and dark bill separate it from the White-crowned Sparrow. Swamp Sparrow has rusty wings and is smaller.
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