Tennessee Warbler Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Small, active, insect-eating bird
- Thin, very pointed bill
- Olive back and wings
- No wing bars
- White undertail coverts

Adult male alternate
- Gray crown
- White supercilium and dark eyeline
- White underparts

Basic, female and immature
- Olive crown
- Yellowish supercilium
- Greenish-yellow throat and breast

Similar species
In Spring, the male Tennessee Warbler, with its plain olive upperparts, gray crown, white supercilium and plain white underparts resembles a miniature Red-eyed Vireo but note its thinner, pointed bill and dark eye.

In fall, the plumage is more similar to a Philadelphia Vireo but, again, note the thin, sharply pointed bill and smaller size. The Orange-crowned Warbler is very similar but has yellow undertail coverts and blurry streaks on the breast.
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