Swamp Sparrow Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Conical bill
- Rusty crown-solid in Summer, streaked in Winter
- Gray face and supercilium
- Black streak extends behind eye
- White throat with dark malar streak
- Black and buff streaked back
- Rusty wings
- Gray breast
- Buffy flanks with indistinct streaks
- Whitish belly
- Thin, rounded tail
- Sexes similar
- Face generally browner in Winter
- Juvenile (Summer) similar to adult but is buffier and
  streakier underneath

Similar species

The Swamp Sparrow is similar in size and habitat to the Song and Lincoln's Sparrows but has rusty wings and lacks extensive dark streaks across the breast.

Other sparrows with rusty crowns are paler underneath lacking buffy flanks, rusty wings or blurry streaks on the flanks. Juvenile Swamp Sparrows are very similar to juvenile Lincoln's and Song Sparrows.
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