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Scarlet Tanager Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Pointed, but fairly stout bill
- Inhabits treetops

Adult male alternate
- Brilliant scarlet red plumage
- Shiny black wings and tail
- Plumage held in Spring and Summer

Adult female
- Yellow underparts
- Olive back
- Gray wings and tail with greenish feather edges
- Basic and immature plumages similar to female but males often have blacker wings and tails

Similar species
The male Scarlet Tanager is striking and easily identified. Male Hepatic and Summer Tanagers are entirely red. Female plumages can be told from similar female Summer Tanager by plain yellow, not orange-yellow, underparts. Female Western Tanager has wing bars. Female Hepatic Tanager has more orange underparts and a darker cheek.
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