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Rock Pigeon Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- The familiar "pigeon" of cities and parks
- Sexes similar
- Adult similar to juvenile
- Large, chunky dove
- Medium length tail is squared off at tip
- Highly variable plumage (some can be entirely
  chestnut, white, black or anything in between)

Typical color morph
- Dark bill
- Dark gray head, neck and upper breast
- Green and purple iridescence on hindneck
- Pale gray back, wings and belly
- Two dark bars on wings (formed from dark tips to
  secondaries and greater secondary coverts)
- Dark gray primaries
- White rump
- Pale gray tail with black terminal band

Similar species
Other pigeons are wholly dark with different head patterns. All other species lack double dark bar on wing and have darker wings and backs.
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