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Red-eyed Vireo Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Thick bill with hooked upper mandible
- Sexes similar
- Red eye
- White supercilium bordered above by a dark line and
  below by a dark eye line
- Gray crown contrasts with olive-green back and
  upper wings
- No wing bars
- White underparts
- Yellowish cast to flanks and undertail coverts in fresh
- Blue-gray legs
- Juvenile has brown eye and yellower underparts than

Similar species
Warbling Vireo has a grayer back, no black borders to the white supercilium, and a dark eye. Philadelphia Vireo has yellower underparts, a less distinct supercilium and a dark eye.

In Florida the Black-whiskered Vireo can be distinguished from the Red-eyed by its black malar streak. In South Texas the rare Yellow-green Vireo is much yellower below and has much paler black borders to the supercilium than the Red-eyed. All other vireos have wing bars.
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