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Northern Bobwhite Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)

General Information
- Small, chunky, short-tailed, round-winged, ground-
   dwelling bird
- Slight crest at top of head

Adult male
- White chin and supercilium
- Black cap, eyeline, nape and throat
- Reddish-brown body stippled with white and black
- Pale belly

Adult female
- Buff throat and supercilium
- Dark cap, eyeline, nape and throat
- Reddish-brown body with darker back
- Black and white streaks and chevrons about
   underparts and back
- Pale belly

Similar species
Female Montezuma Quail may resemble Northern Bobwhite, but has a head that appears helmeted rather than crested. Montezuma Quail also lacks the strongly contrasting supercilium and throat of Northern Bobwhite and has a darker belly.

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