Lincoln's Sparrow Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)

General Information
- Conical bill
- Brown crown with gray central stripe
- Gray face and supercilium
- Eye ring
- Brown streak extends behind eye
- Thick malar streak bordered by white throat and buff
  submustachial stripe
- Olive back with darker streaks
- Brownish-olive wings
- Buffy breast and flanks with fine streaks
- White belly
- Thin, rounded tail
- Sexes similar
- Juvenile (Summer) similar to adult but is buffier

Similar species
The Song Sparrow can be told from the Lincoln's Sparrow by its larger bill, heavier streaking on the breast and flanks, lack of buffy color on the breast and face, brown back, larger size and longer tail.

Juvenile Lincoln's Sparrows are very similar to juvenile Swamp and Song SparrowSavannah Sparrow is similar but has a yellowish supercilium and lacks a buffy breast. Swamp Sparrow has a rusty crown, rusty wings and much less streaking on the breast.

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