Green-winged Teal Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Very small, short-necked, and small-billed dabbling
- Green speculum
- Whitish belly
- Juvenile similar to adult female

Adult male alternate
- Alternate plumage worn from Fall through early
- Dark bill
- Rich rust-colored head
- Iridescent green face patch sweeping through eye
  and tapering to the back of head
- Buff chest with dark spotting
- Gray flanks and back
- Vertical white line at fore part of flanks
- Horizontal black line above flanks
- Buff outer undertail coverts bordered by black
- Black central undertail coverts

Adult male basic
- Similar to adult female, but with duller face pattern

Adult female
- Dark gray bill
- Pale brown head and neck
- Dark brown cap and eye line
- Dark brown back and upperwing coverts scalloped
  with buff
- White breast spotted with brown
- White belly

Similar species
Adult male unmistakable in winter. Females, immature and eclipse males similar to most female ducks, but are very small, short-billed, and have a distinctive wing pattern that is sometimes visible at rest.
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