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Golden-winged Warbler Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Small, active, insect-eating bird
- Thin, very pointed bill
- Yellow forehead
- Black mask and throat
- White supercilium and malar streak
- Grayish-white underparts
- Yellow patch on wing
- Gray upperparts
- Dark legs
- Considerable amounts of white in outer tail feathers
- Females and immatures have less distinct head
  patterns than males

Similar species
The gray and white plumage and black throat of the Golden-winged warbler is somewhat reminiscent of a chickadee but note the yellow forehead and wing patch of the warbler.

The Blue-winged Warbler occassionally hybridizes with the Golden-winged Warbler to produce offspring with characteristics of both parents. Some have mostly white underparts but the face pattern of the Blue-winged Warbler (Brewster's Warbler), while some have the yellow plumage of the Blue-winged but the face pattern of the Golden-winged (Lawrence's Warbler). These hybrids sometimes backcross with Blue-winged or Golden-winged to produce offspring more similar to Blue-winged or Golden-winged.
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