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Bobolink Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Short, conical bill
- Frequents open habitats
- Often found in large flocks in migration

Adult male alternate
- Black head, underparts, back, wings and tail
- Yellow nape
- White scapulars and rump
- Plumage held in Spring and Summer

Female and basic
- Buff and black head stripes
- Buff underparts with black streaking on flanks
- Buff upperparts with black streaks on back
- Dark wings and tail with pale edging
- Juvenile similar to basic

Similar species
The male Bobolink is similar to the male Lark Bunting but has a yellow nape, white rump, and lacks a white wing patch.

The female Bobolink is similar to the Grasshopper Sparrow but is larger and has streaked flanks. Female Red-winged Blackbird has a streaked breast.
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