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Blue-headed Vireo Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- White spectacles
- Dark eye
- White wing bars
- Gray head contrasting with olive back
- White throat, breast, and undertail coverts
- Yellowish flanks
- Thick bill with hooked upper mandible
- Sexes similar
- Juveniles similar to adults
- Formerly conspecific with Cassin's and Plumbeous

Similar species
The bold white spectacles of the Blue-headed Vireo are a good field mark. Black-capped Vireo also has white spectacles but it has a black, not gray, head. Yellow-throated and White-eyed Vireos have yellow spectacles.

Plumbeous and Cassin's Vireos are duller without bright yellow flanks and have less contrast between the head and back. The Gray Vireo lacks spectacles and has faint wing bars.
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