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Wilderness Schools and Nature Education  
Irvine Nature Center
A non-profit environmental education organization offering public programs, trails, exhibits, and a Nature Store. Located in Stevenson, Maryland.
Jack Mountain Bushcraft & Guide Service (Wolfeboro, New Hampshire)
Offers courses in wilderness survival skills, tracking, edible and medicinal plants, traditional crafts, and more. Also provides guided canoe and snowshoe trips. Check out their online articles and travel journals.
New England Naturalist Training Center
"Hands-on Ecology Focused Environmental Education."  This center offers an Intensive Field Studies course plus programs on the black bear, moose, bog ecology, nature awareness and more.
Survive Outdoors
This website is dedicated to educating the public about wilderness survival. They also hold educational seminars in wilderness medicine and survival techniques.
Tom Brown's Tracker School
Their courses give you the opportunity to gain a closer attachment to Earth Mother and learn the skills and philosophy that will help you live in harmony and balance with Creation.
White Pine Programs
An educational and recreational organization whose mission is to help people strengthen their connections to the natural world.
Wilderness Awareness School
A national non-profit environmental education organization.  Their goal is to awaken curiosity and inspire an understanding of the natural world through educational programs and products for all ages.
Wilderness Skills
Primitive Skills and Wilderness Crafts
An overview of a variety of primitive skills, from shelter making and fire starting to harvesting wild edible plants. Includes photos.
Processing Yucca Fibers
Describes a quick and easy way to extract the long, white fibers from yucca leaves.
Wild Foods: Cattail Roots
Step-by-step instructions, including photos, for harvesting and preparing cattail roots.
Boiling With Hot Stones
Discusses the best type of stones to use when cooking with hot stones. Provides lots of photos.
Making a Folded Bark Basket
Step-by-step instructions for making folded-bark baskets. Includes photos.