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Nature Photos and Photographers  
(Reminder: The images on these sites are copyrighted.)
Bill Horn's Birds of Oklahoma
A great bird photo gallery plus info about attracting bluebirds, help in identifying birds, the basics of bird photography, birding hotspots in Oklahoma, a checklist of Oklahoma birds, and more
Don DesJardin's Bird Photos
This is a wonderful photo gallery of birds!
Graf Photography:  Nature and Wildlife Imagery
A very special collection of photos of wildlife, wildflowers, landscapes and more. "Through photography, we hope we can increase others' appreciation for the diminishing natural beauty around them."  
This site is full of information about the birds of India, including a very nice photo gallery of over 100 birds.
Nature Photography by David Blevins
Beautiful nature photographs - including photos of birds, butterflies, landscapes, mammals, and more
San Juan Wildlife and Nature Photography

Photography from the San Juan Islands and the Pacific Northwest. Includes landscapes as well as bald eagles, killer whales, foxes, and other native wildlife from the region.

The Virtual Birder's Photo/Sound Gallery
Photos and sound files for songbirds, some water birds, and hawks
What Barbara's Camera Sees
Great photos of birds (including lots of eagle photos), flowers, mammals, butterflies, vistas, and more