Winter Wren Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Short, thin bill
- Indistinct supercilium
- Reddish-brown upperparts (more reddish in eastern
  United States birds)
- Buffy breast with dark barring on belly and undertail
- Wings and tail barred with black
- Very short tail frequently held upright
- Pink legs
- Sexes similar
- Frequently found very near the ground in brush piles,
  root tangles and along stream banks

Similar species
Other wrens with indistinct superciliums are House, Sedge and Rock Wrens. Winter Wren is more reddish-brown above, darker below and has a shorter tail. Sedge Wren is streaked with white on the crown and back. Rock Wren is larger with a contrast between the gray back and brown rump and has buffy tips to the tail.
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