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Ring-necked Pheasant Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Chunky, long-tailed, round-winged, ground-dwelling
- Small head and thin neck
- Immatures similar to adult female
- Some subspecies have green body or white wings,
   but are very locally introduced

Adult male
- Green head
- Pale bill
- Unfeathered red facial skin around eye
- White ring around neck
- Golden plumage with bluish and greenish iridescence
   and black spots scattered throughout
- Long, pointed, golden tail feathers with black barring
- Spurred legs

Adult female
- Buffy brown head and underparts
- Dark brown back with paler edgings and centers
- Black spots and bars scattered about head, neck and
- Long, buff-brown, pointed tail
- Lacks spurs

Similar species
Adult male unmistakable. Female similar to a number of species of female grouse but has a much longer, pointed tail and bare legs. Female Sharp-tailed Grouse also has a pointed tail but is shorter-necked, has a slight crest, has white outer tail feathers, a shorter tail and feathered legs. Female Sage Grouse has a dark belly patch and feathered legs.
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