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Indigo Bunting Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Small, conical bill
- Adult male alternate:
- Deep blue plumage (in poor light appears black)
- Blackish wings and tail with blue edges
- Basic-plumaged male (Fall and Winter) similar to adult female but often has has some blue feathers

Adult female
- Dark brown upperparts
- Warm brown underparts with faint dark streaks
- Indistinct wing bars
- Immature plumages similar to adult female-immature male can have blue patches

Similar species
The Blue Grosbeak is very similar to the Indigo Bunting but is larger with brown wing bars. Female Indigo Buntings are similar to other female buntings. Female Lazuli Bunting has white wing bars. Female Varied Bunting very similar but has more curved culmen and lacks steaking below. Female Painted Bunting greener. Sparrows have more patterned faces and streaked backs.
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