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House Wren Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Short, thin bill
- Indistinct supercilium
- Eye ring
- Gray-brown upperparts (browner in eastern United
   States birds)
- Pale gray underparts with dark barring on belly and
   undertail coverts
- Wings and tail barred with black
- Tail frequently held upright
- Pink legs
- Sexes similar

Similar species
Other wrens with indistinct superciliums are Winter, Sedge and Rock Wrens. Winter Wren is more reddish-brown above, darker below and has a shorter tail. Sedge Wren is buffier on the breast and is streaked with white on the crown and back. Rock Wren is larger with a contrast between the gray back and brown rump and has buffy tips to the tail.
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