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American Tree Sparrow Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Dark, conical bill with yellow lower mandible
- Rusty crown and eyeline
- Gray supercilium and face
- Gray breast with black spot
- Rust patch at side of breast
- White belly and undertail coverts
- Buffy flanks
- Tan back with dark streaks
- Brown wings with wing bars
- Slim, forked tail
- Sexes similar
- Juvenile plumage (Summer) similar to immature but
   duller with streaked breast

Similar species
American Tree Sparrows are similar to other sparrows with rusty crowns but have a black spot on the breast.

Chipping Sparrow has a white supercilium and black eye line. Field Sparrow has a pink bill and white eye ring. Swamp Sparrow has rusty wings and a dingy breast.
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