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American Redstart Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)

General Information
- Small, insect-eating bird
- Thin, pointed bill
- Feeds very actively (even for a warbler)
- Often fans tail exposing red or yellow patches

Adult male
- Orange-red sides of breast, wing and tail patches
- Belly and undertail coverts white
- Remainder of plumage black

Female and immature
- Yellow sides of breast, wing and tail patches
- White underparts
- Olive upperparts with grayer head
- Immature males begin to acquire adult male pattern in
   second year

Similar species
The adult male American Redstart is instantly recognizable with its black and red plumage. Females and immatures can be identified by the yellow patches at the base of the tail. Yellow patches at side of breast and in wing can be quite reduced in immatures.

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