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American Pipit Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Slender bill
- White eye ring and supercilium
- White throat with dark malar streak
- Brownish-olive upperparts with fine black streaks on
- Wings blackish with broad buffy edges
- Buffy underparts with dark streaking across breast
  and onto flanks
- Black tail with white outer tail feathers
- Dark legs
- In Spring and Summer, less heavily streaked below
  and upperparts grayer
- Sexes similar
- Wags its tail
- Often found in flocks on the ground in sparsely
  vegetated areas (plowed fields, shores, tundra)

Similar species
The American Pipit is similar to the Sprague's Pipit but the Sprague's Pipit has much less streaking on the underparts, more streaking on the back, a paler face, and pink legs.

The rare Red-throated Pipit (breeds in Alaska and rare migrant in California) has a different call and pink legs.

Sparrows and longspurs can be found in similar habitats but have thick, conical bills.
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