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Dog & Cat Repellents
To Keep Dogs and Cats Away From Your Plants

Garden Shop > Dog & Cat Repellents
Cat Scat Mats   Cat Scat Mats, Set of 5icon

Keep neighborhood cats from using your garden as a litter box with Cat Scat, the non-chemical way to say "No Trespassing!".

Simply cut each mat into four pieces and press into the soil where you want to discourage feline excavation. The flexible plastic spikes are harmless but effective.

• Humane, chemical-free pest deterrent
• Also useful in potted plants
• Prickly plastic teeth irritate cats without harming them
• No assembly, no installation
• Cat Scats can be anchored in place with our Earth Staples (not included)

• Each mat is 8-1/2" x 7"
• Made of brown, weatherproof plastic
• Five mats per set

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Dog and Cat Repellent   Dog and Cat Repellent, 3 Lbs. icon

The last thing you want after all your hard work is neighborhood pets digging, soiling, and spraying in your garden.

Applied daily, this granular repellent discourages them by creating an aromatic barrier around flowerbeds, shrubs and trees.

• Easy to apply from handy shaker.
• Use as a training aid for pets.
• Formulated from essential oils

• 3 pounds treats 900 square feet
• Made with essential oils and white pepper
Not for use on food crops

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Pest Fence    Pest Fence

Fence Keeps Pests Out of the Garden

• Prevent dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals from getting into your garden
• Easy to set up, no tools required
• Lightweight, portable and weatherproof

Soft polyethylene mesh and sturdy plastic poles provide a barrier around vulnerable plants. The 1/2" polyethylene mesh is lightweight and durable.

The solid plastic fence poles have pointed ends so they're easy to push into the ground. Simply attach the mesh to the poles using the included easy-on, easy-off clips.

Set includes 131 feet of 42" high fencing, 16 poles and 48 clips.

• Polyethylene mesh and poles, polypropylene clips
• Fence is 131 feet L x 42" H
• Poles are 47-1/2" H
• Easy assembly

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Tall Pest Control Pop Ups    Tall Pest Control Pop Ups

• Safe and effective barrier excludes many types of pests, including insects, birds and animals
• Reduce the need for pesticide sprays
• Quick and simple to install

Self-supporting mesh enclosures keep out insects, birds and animal pests like rabbits — even dogs and cats — while letting in light and rain.

Fine mesh allows good air circulation while shielding plants from harsh, drying winds.

Pop-Ups install in minutes and fit snugly over 4' x 4' or 4' x 8' raised beds; they can also be used over Grow Beds and in-ground plants. Built-in corner loops and anchoring stakes (included) let you secure Pop-Ups into the ground.

Covers fold flat for easy storage. The 48" height is ideal for larger plants like peppers, potatoes, broccoli and blueberries.

• Nylon and steel
• 4' x 4' Tall Pest Control Pop-Up is 51-1/2" square x 48" H
• 4' x 4' Pop-Up has one large access opening
• 4' x 8' Tall Pest Control Pop-Up is 99-1/2" L x 51-1/2" W x 48" H
• 4' x 8' Pop-Up has two large access openings
• Imported
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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